Atwood Post Office

(November 22, 1924-         )

The community was formerly known as Richfield, but never had a post office under that name. 


John S. Zuckerman, 1924-1929

“Sam” Zuckerman came to Atwood in 1922 where he ran a general store, a gas station, and the post office. He also owned a small apartment building, which burned in 1929. Zuckerman left town not long after. 

Joseph D. Duer, 1929-1937

Joseph Duer, a former South Dakota homesteader, took over the grocery store at Atwood after John Zuckerman and ran it for several years. 

Arthur J. Meyer 1937-1956

Arthur Meyer was the next owner of the Atwood store, known as Meyer’s Market during his tenure. 

Georgia M. Wilson, 1956-1957 (Acting Postmaster) 

Loretta M. Lytle, 1957-1960 

Ava [Alva?] V. Page, 1960-1981

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