Bay City Post Office

(August 6, 1904 – January 24, 1914)

Bay City was the original name of what is now the City of Seal Beach. The post office was renamed shortly after the community.


John C. Ord, 1904-1912

John Ord (1842-1937) was a Civil War veteran who first visited California in 1865. “Judge Ord is called the ‘father of Seal Beach,’ as he was the original settler, first postmaster, first townsite boomer and later, when the city was incorporated, was the first mayor … he is held in great esteem by everyone.” (Santa Ana Register, 9-9-1929) He had a store in Los Alamitos before moving both the business and the building to the new Bay City townsite. Besides serving twice as mayor of Seal Beach, he served as justice of the peace in 1903-04. 

Andrew M. Simington, 1912-1914

Andrew Simington came to California from Colorado shortly before being appointed postmaster. During his tenure the Bay City Post Office was re-named Seal Beach. He died suddenly in October of 1915 at just 50 years of age.

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