Buena Park Post Office, ca 1950 (courtesy the Orange County Archives).

Buena Park Post Office, ca 1950 (courtesy the Orange County Archives).

Buena Park Post Office

(August 22, 1887 –        )

Buena Park was not even six months old when it got its own post office in the summer of 1887. Interestingly, Buena Park had a Ghost Town station at Knott’s Berry Farm from 1951 to 1963 – a real post office in a make-believe ghost town.

 Sarah E. Benham, 1887-1888

Sarah Benham (1836-1921) was the widow of Spencer C. Benham, a Civil War veteran. 

James Harry Whitaker, 1888-1896

J. Harry Whitaker was the nephew of Buena Park’s founder, James A. Whitaker, and ran a store there. He served a second term as Buena Park postmaster (see below) and later served as postmaster at Anaheim. 

George H. Warren, 1896-1900

George Warren (1842-1925) was a local storekeeper. 

James H. Whitaker, 1900-1909 

John S. Perry, 1909-1913

John Perry came to Orange County around 1900 and was running a store in Buena Park when he became postmaster. In 1914 he was hired as the first County Purchasing Agent for Orange County, serving until 1918. 

Joseph I. Keith, 1913-1917 

Ralph H. Duncan, 1917-1919

“R.H. Duncan has been appointed postmaster and is moving the post office into the drug store building which has been enlarged to accommodate the extra business.” (L.A. Times, 6-25-1917) Duncan ran the Buena Park Drug Store for only a few years before moving to Los Angeles. “It is reported that R.H. Duncan has soon the local pharmacy. Mr. Duncan has been in Buena Park for three or four years in the drug business and in that time has built up a splendid trade.” (Santa Ana Register, 4-28-1920) 

John Golden, 1919-1922

John Golden, a Democrat, sought re-appointment as postmaster in 1922, but by then the White House had switched hands and the appointment went to a Republican – Isaac Jaynes. 

Isaac D. Jaynes, 1922-1934

Isaac Jaynes came to Buena Park around 1904 and served as constable for the Buena Park Township from 1907-1918. A member of the California National Guard for more than a quarter century, he also served as an officer in World War I.  He regained his old position as constable in 1919 and served until becoming postmaster in 1922. He was still living in Buena Park in 1956 at age 88. “He is one of Buena Park’s highly respected pioneers. He was Postmaster here for 12 years, president of the District Sanitary Board 14 years and president of the District Water District seven years.” (L.A. Times, 11-11-1956) 

Carl W. Brenner, 1934-1949

Carl Brenner ran a drug store in Buena Park in the 1930s. He was an old line Democrat (which is to say he didn’t support Upton Sinclair for governor in 1934). He served on the County Democratic Central Committee before being appointed postmaster.  

Monte F. Inskeep, 1949-1959

Monte Inskeep has previously served as postmaster in Cypress. He remained with the postal service after leaving Buena Park and in 1964 “chief of the methods branch of the postal division of the San Francisco office.” 

Homer D. Miner, 1959-1960 (Acting Postmaster)

In 1955, Homer Miner served as commander of the Buena Park VFW post. 

Raymond J. Hinds, 1960 (Acting Postmaster) 

Oswald J. Bergman, 1960-1961 (Acting Postmaster) 

Robert N. Kisner, 1961-1985

Robert Kisner was the last presidentially-appointed postmaster to serve in Orange County, having been nominated by President Kennedy in 1961. 

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