Capistrano Beach Post Office

(October 28, 1925 – March 1, 1931; January 1, 1948 – December 27, 1968)

Capistrano Beach has had about as many different names as any one spot in Orange County. It was the site of the failed 1880s boomtown of San Juan-by-the-Sea and the little community of Serra before the Capistrano Beach tract was laid out. Edward L. Doheny, Jr. took up the promotion of the tract in 1928 and after his death in 1929 the residents petitioned to have the Capistrano Beach Post Office renamed Doheny Park in his honor. The old name was restored in 1948. In 1968 the post office became a branch of the San Clemente Post Office. Today the community is part of the City of Dana Point. 


Wilda M. Coffee, 1925-1926

Wilda Coffee’s husband, L.W. Coffee, was a sales agent for the developers of Capistrano Beach. Later he was the developer of Desert Hot Springs, where Wilda Coffee was still living in the 1970s. 

Peter Dresek, 1926-[1931]

Peter Dresek had a store in Capistrano Beach and later sold real estate in the area. During his tenure the post office was renamed Doheny Park (see). 

Mervyn H. Gallagher, [1936]-1962

Mervyn Gallagher ran a cafe before becoming postmaster of the Doheny Park Post Office. During his tenure, it was renamed Capistrano Beach. He served until his retirement in 1962. 

Kenneth L. Toney, 1962-1968

Kenneth Toney was a cabinetmaker by profession, and also a longtime member of the Capistrano Beach Volunteer Fire Department. 

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