Cypress Post Office

(November 2, 1927 –        )

The Cypress Chamber of Commerce led the drive for a local post office. “The petition to establish a Cypress post office was reported to have 60 signers and it was thought that there would be 100 signers within the next few days.” (Santa Ana Register, 4-21-1927) The Register later reported that the Cypress Post Office actually opened for business in the new Priddy Block on November 28, 1927. 


Stella Bowen, 1927-1929

Stella Bowen only lived in the area briefly – and not even in Cypress, but in Buena Park, where her husband, W.E. Bowen, was a roofing contractor. 

Marcus M. Carpenter, 1929-1938

“The need for a good live real estate office in Cypress is about to be supplied. M.M. Carpenter has been cleaning up the old office erected by S.O. Walker fifteen years ago. A coat of paint and some furniture and Cypress will have a real estate office and in Carpenter will have a live wire real estate man.” (Register, 8-30-1921) Carpenter also served as chairman of the Cypress Farm Center, and his wife was the town’s first librarian. 

Monte F. Inskeep, Jr. 1938-1943

Monte Inskeep was one of only two applicants when the postmaster job came open in 1938 (normally the government wanted at least three candidates to take the civil service exam).  

J. Ruth Pugh, 1943-1946

When Monte Inskeep took a military leave during World War II, Ruth Pugh was appointed acting postmaster. 

Monte F. Inskeep, 1946

Returning from service in World War II, Monte Inskeep resumed the role of postmaster in Cypress, but he gave up the job after just five months. The appointment ledger noted that he “trans[ferred] to clerk.” Inskeep later served as postmaster in Buena Park (1949-59) and then with the “regional postal controller’s office” in San Francisco. 

J. Ruth Pugh, 1946-1964

When Monte Inskeep gave up the job, Ruth Pugh was finally appointed postmaster in her own right in 1949. "Mrs. Pugh is assisted by her husband, Evan Pugh, and daughter-in-law, Mrs. Harold (Nellie) Pugh." (Cypress Enterprise, 5-6-1949) She served until she retired in 1964. 

Harry H. McGannon, 1964-1973

Harry McGannon had worked for the Post Office Department since 1947, previously working in Buena Park and other Southern California post offices.

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Outside the Cypress Post Office, 1941 (courtesy the Orange County Archives).

Outside the Cypress Post Office, 1941 (courtesy the Orange County Archives).