Dana Point Post Office

(March 21, 1929 –        )

Dana Point was a small post office until the 1960s; in fact, in 1937 the government proposed closing it. Local opinion was divided. “Petitions both for and against the proposed change from office service to rural free delivery service from San Juan Capistrano have been circulated with the names of some of the residents on both petitions.” The Dana Point Civic Association was strongly against the move, and even passed a resolution calling on any residents that supported the closure to resign from the association (Santa Ana Register, 7-15-1937). Fortunately it didn’t come to that, and the post office was saved.  


Sadie C. Cochran, 1929-1930

Besides serving as postmaster, Sadie Cochran was also the local notary public for Dana Point. She left town in 1930 and moved to Laguna Beach, where she managed the Craftsman Studios. 

Fred J. Howarth, 1930

Fred Howarth served just seven months as postmaster. 

John M. Lyle, 1930-1934

John Lyle was one of the original salesmen for the Dana Point tract. He also worked as a civil engineer. He resigned as postmaster in 1934 and moved to Los Angeles. 

Helenmay Moyer, 1934-1936 

Laura Louise Russell, 1936-1945

In addition to her work as postmaster, Laura Russell also served as Dana Point’s librarian (the library was in the post office) and as local correspondent for the Santa Ana Register.    

David T. Prenter, 1945-1949

David Prenter came to Dana Point in 1932, where he sold real estate. He resigned as postmaster in March of 1949 but later had the contract to carry the mail to and from the post office (often a better paying job for the smaller offices). He was still in Dana Point in the 1960s. 

Lucile G. Jamieson, 1949-1960 

Maxwell M. Jamieson, 1960-1974

When Lucile Jamieson died in January 1960 her husband, Maxwell Jamieson, was appointed acting postmaster but his confirmation was delayed by the change in administration in Washington, even though he was a Democrat (all nominations submitted before the election had to be withdrawn and resubmitted). Jamieson had worked for the post service since 1952 and joined the staff in Dana Point in 1956. 

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