Doheny Park Post Office

(March 1, 1931 – January 1, 1948)

Doheny Park was an alternative name for Capistrano Beach (see). Local residents had asked for the change after the death of local real estate developer Edward L. Doheny, Jr. (having first asked his father, oil magnate Edward L. Doheny, Sr., for his approval). But the community remained Capistrano Beach, leading to some confusion. In 1947, a public vote showed a majority of the residents wanted to return the post office to the Capistrano Beach name, and a new petition was sent to Washington. “For some time now it has required considerable explanation to friends in various parts of the country as to the reason for the community being called Capistrano Beach when the post office was named Doheny Park, the school district Serra and the telephone exchange Dana Point.” (Coastline Dispatch, 11-21-1947).


Peter Dresek, [1926]-1935

Peter Dresek was a local plumber before opening a store in Capistrano Beach which also housed the post office. 

William B. Greenside, 1935-1936

William Greenside served as assistant postmaster under Peter Dresek and soon took over both the store and the post office. 

Mervyn H. Gallagher, 1936-[1947]

Mervyn Gallagher continued as postmaster for the restored Capistrano Beach Post Office (see) until his retirement in 1962.

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