Fairview Post Office

(April 3, 1888 – May 15, 1903)

Fairview was a failed boom town in what is now the northern part of Costa Mesa. The post office was originally located in the local drug store; when it closed in 1890 the office moved to the Henderson Bros. store. 


I. Wellington Gardner, 1888-1890

Wellington Gardner was one of the developers of Fairview; he was quite active in real estate during the “Boom of the ‘80s.” 

Joseph S. Collings, 1890-1900

In 1890 the Henderson Bros. sold out to Collings & Wells and Joseph Collings became postmaster. 

Albert Walker, 1900

Albert Walker served as postmaster for just six months. 

Alfred Wells, 1900-1903

Alfred Wells was the other half of the firm of Collings & Wells. After the post office closed Collings sold out, and the store building burned in 1905. 

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