(Anaheim Gazette, February 27, 1875)

FOUNTAIN VALLEY. – We have received a letter dated Fountain Valley, described by the writer as all that portion of the country between Gospel Swamp and the sea. Our correspondent says that there are over one hundred settlers on the tract, most of them hard-working, honest, law-abiding citizens. They are busily engaged sowing barley and other grains, planting fruit trees, and fixing for a corn crop, and making other improvements, building houses, etc. The tract in question is claimed by the settlers as Government land, and the result of the contest between them and the adverse claimants is looked forward to with a great deal of solicitude on their part, as would naturally be expected. Our correspondent predicts that if the settlers are successful, Fountain Valley will, in a few years, be one of the most thickly inhabited and best cultivated valleys in the State. There is no one who will not wish them the fullest measure of success, if, as they say, they have the law and the facts on their side. – [Los Angeles] Star.