Harbor Post Office

(April 25, 1914 – June 24, 1915)

“Last January John E. Otto circulated a petition asking that a fourth-class post office be established in the place now called Delhi, and meaning that portion of the district near Main street. Otto found that the people thought the name ought to be changed. Anyhow, there is another Delhi post office in the state, and they could not have had the name if they wanted it. The post office department told the applicants to suggest a number of names, preferably short names and in one part. That is, they did not want two-piece names like New Delhi, [or] Delhi City. Otto suggested fifteen or twenty names. At the bottom of the list he wrote Harbor. Harbor was suggested to him by Capt. Kelly, an old salt, who concluded to make Delhi his harbor a long while ago. Maybe the captain is counting on the day when there will be a harbor at the head of Newport Bay, not far distant from Delhi. Delhi might be reached by boat from Newport Bay be means of the Delhi Draining District…. At present the Delhi district is served by Santa Ana R.D. 4. The new post office will probably be located in Otto’s building.” (Santa Ana Register, 4-27-1914) In 1915 the Harbor Post Office was renamed Gloryetta (see). 


John E. Otto, 1914-[1915]

John Otto, a local developer, was the driving force behind the establishment of a post office for Delhi. He served as postmaster until 1918, three years after the post office had been renamed Gloryetta. 

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