McPherson Post Office

(June 2, 1886 – December 15, 1900)

McPherson was a short-lived boom town, located along Chapman Avenue between Orange and El Modena. The town was built around the McPherson Bros.’ large scale raisin growing and packing business.


Evander B. Willis, 1886-1887

E.B. Willis was superintendent of the McPherson Bros. raisin packing plant as well as postmaster. He resigned both jobs in 1887. At other times he worked as a newspaperman and a stenographer. 

John B. Lane, 1887-1888 

George E. Taylor, 1888-1891 

Robert McPherson, 1891-1900

Robert McPherson (1840-1917), and his brother Stephen, were pioneers in the local raisin grape industry, starting their vineyard in 1873. They were all but wiped out by the grape blight of the 1880s, followed by the collapse of the real estate boom. 

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