Letter from a New District

(Anaheim Gazette, September 30, 1876)

Ocean View, Sept. 26

Eds. Gazette. – Perhaps the first question will be, “Where is Ocean View?” Ocean View is in Fountain Valley township, which is south of Westminster and Bolsa Grande. Fountain Valley township is divided into two school districts; one receives its name from the township, the other is Ocean View, and is in the western part of the township on the mesa land immediately south of Westminster. In the district are 83 census children. The school house is 20 x 40, and was built entirely by subscription. The title to the land in this district is still in litigation, the settlers claiming that it is government land, while the land company claim that it belongs to them as part of the Bolsa grant. As nearly as your correspondent can ascertain, the main question seems to be, Where did the Santa Ana river run in 1833-34? For this bed would be the eastern boundary of the Bolsa grant, and if there should be any land between the Bolsa and Santa Ana it would be claimed as Government land. Even if the settlers fail in this matter of the boundary, they still intend to contest the title on other points. But it does not appear that by any arrangement or condition there is any question as to the title to the land in Westminster colony, or any portion of it, although some statements to that effect have been made.

            The settlers seem to be law-abiding citizens, and honestly believe the land company were swindled when they purchased the grant, and do not attribute any dishonest motives to the members of the company. It will be very satisfactory to all when this vexed question is settled.

            Good crops of corn, beans, barley, and wheat were raised on the mesa land this year, and a great improvement is expected next season.  [s] H.