Land of Sunshine / Out West Features

The Land of Sunshine (later renamed Out West) was the most influential magazine published in Southern California from the 1890s to the 1910s. Along with history, literature, editorials, book reviews, and solid news articles, it was not above a little boosting, as these Orange County articles show . . .

* Fullerton, 1906, 1913 (by W.W. Kerr, William Starbuck, and Norman Le Marquand)

* Huntington Beach, 1907 (by C.R. Stuart)

* Newport Beach, 1913 (by W.A. Cornelius, Lew Wallace, and W.S. Collins)

* Orange County, 1903 (by E.E. Keech)

* Three Orange County Beaches, 1895 (by Augusta E. Towner)

* Orange, 1906 (by Samuel Armor)

* Santa Ana, 1912 (by Linn Shaw)

* Tustin, 1894 (by E.D. Buss)