South Laguna Post Office

(December 1, 1934 – December 27, 1968)

Originally known as Three Arches, there was some struggle over changing the name. “In the matter of changing the name of the post office from ‘Three Arches’ to ‘South Laguna,’ Daniel O’Flaherty told those present [at a meeting of the South Coast Improvement Association] that since filing the first petition with the postmaster general, asking for a change, a letter had been sent in by an individual alleging that the signatures on the petition did not represent the sentiment of the home owners in the district. Because of this individual protest, the postal authorities requested Mrs. Grace Powers, in charge of the local post office, to file a petition with the post office department to be signed by patrons of the office, indicating whether or not they favored the proposed change of name. Such a petition is now on file at the local post office, it was stated.” (Santa Ana Register, 7-17-1934) The renamed post office survived until 1968 when it was reduced to a branch of the Laguna Beach Post Office.


Grace E. Powers, 1934-1941 

(See listing for Three Arches.)

Herbert E. Spencer, 1941-1942

            Herbert Spencer resigned after just a few weeks on the job. 

Harland G. Cox, 1942

            Harland Cox, a local service station owner, was appointed acting postmaster in January 1942 but did not receive a formal appointment. 

M. Frances Shuler, 1942

            Frances Shuler, the wife of a local building contractor, served as postmaster a little over three months before resigning. 

Harland G. Cox, 1942-1968

            Surprisingly, after three postmasters in less than a year, in October 1942 Harold Cox returned as postmaster and served continuously until the office was closed in 1968. In the 1950s he was also Fire Chief of the South Laguna Volunteer Fire Department.

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