Sunset Beach Post Office

(October 2, 1905 – August 30, 1924; October 7, 1925 –        )

The Sunset Beach Post Office does not seem to have actually opened until November or December of 1905. After its brief closure in 1924 (forcing residents to go to Seal Beach to pick up their mail) it did not actually reopen until January 1926. 


Jesse A. Armitage, 1905-1919

Jesse Armitage opened a store and hotel in Sunset Beach in 1905. He went on to become one of the most prominent promoters along the Orange County coast, through both the South Coast Improvement Association and the Orange Coast Association. When he died in 1935 at age 73 the Santa Ana Register (10-12-1935) gave him a glowing obituary: “Mr. Armitage was one of the prime movers in the opening of the Coast Highway, from Long Beach south. Acting at that time as secretary of the old South Coast Improvement association, he was largely responsible for the work which resulted in the coast highway. During his entire life Mr. Armitage devoted a great deal of time to public works. He was one of the first presidents of the Orange County Coast association, and was one of the early leaders of the Associated Chambers of Commerce of Orange County. He was most proud, according to friends, of work he had done in the interests of the Newport Harbor development work. Active in interests of the first state bond issue, in 1919, for the harbor, Mr. Armitage ‘stumped’ the county, speaking in every city and school district in favor of the bonds. He was one of the very first residents of Sunset Beach, moving there 31 years ago, and had much to do with the development and opening up of that section of the county. He had lived in California for 35 years, moving to this state from his birthplace, Jefferson City, Colo.” 

Mathew L. Koppin, 1919-1921

Mathew Koppin came to California from Colorado shortly after 1900 and was editor of the Long Beach Progress before coming to Seal Beach. 

George H. Gleason, 1921-1924

George Gleason ran the Sunset Beach Grocery (presumably the post office was in his store). Later he ran a cafe in town. 

William A. Duckworth, 1925-1926

“The residents of Sunset Beach are rejoicing because of the re-establishing of a post office here. For the past year all mail for this point has gone to Seal Beach. W.A. Duckworth, the new postmaster, will be assisted by Mrs. Esther Ivey. Mrs. Ivey is manager of the Sunset Beach grocery, which is the location of the post office.” (Register, 1-8-1926) Duckworth left town soon after leaving the post office job. 

Esther F. Ivey, 1926-1943  

Mabel C. Galle, 1943-1950

Mabel Galle and her husband, A.J., ran several restaurants in town in the 1920s and ‘30s before she became postmaster. 

Orville L. Ward, 1950-1951 

Alma Ward La Chambre, 1951-[still serving in 1971]

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